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STAAR Information

STAAR Information

State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness: STAAR is the state assessment program for students enrolled in schools who are accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

STAAR Testing Calendars are provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

STAAR Grades 3‑8 Exams

  • When:
    • Students in grades 3–8 are expected to take the appropriate STAAR assessment for their grade level. STAAR exams are administered in Texas public schools each spring semester.
    • Check the STAAR Grades 3‑8 Calendar for testing dates.
  • Where:
    • TTU K-12 Elementary and Middle School students may test in their local public school district, with their approval, as “out‑of‑district” students.
  • Eligibility:
    • Students must be enrolled in the 2nd semester (B) of tested courses by January 31 (of current year) to be eligible for spring STAAR exams.
  • Approval:
    • Students who are eligible will receive an email from the TTU K-12 Elementary/Middle School Principal in February with detailed information. The email will include a letter to be presented to your local “District Testing Coordinator” requesting approval to test “out‑of‑district”.
  • Resources and Released Exams:
  • EOC Exams:
    • Students in middle school are required to take the corresponding EOC exam if they are enrolled in one of the five high school EOC courses.

You may contact the TTU K-12 Elementary/Middle School Principal or the District Testing Coordinator for more information.

STAAR End‑of‑Course Exams for High School

  • Students who entered the ninth grade in school year 2011‑12 must take and pass STAAR EOC exams for certain required courses. The assessments are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the state curriculum standards.
  • The STAAR EOC exams required for graduation from Texas public schools, and Texas Tech High School, are:
    • English I
    • English II
    • Algebra I
    • Biology
    • U.S. History
  • Students residing in Texas should register online about 8 – 10 weeks prior to test dates. The testing location will be chosen from a list of test sites/schools on the registration website. If there is no location listed within the student's local district or if the student is unsure which EOC exams are needed, they should contact the TTU K-12 District Testing Coordinator.
  • Full‑time TTU K-12 diploma students should indicate Texas Tech University High School Diploma Program on the registration form and notify the TTU K-12 Testing Coordinator of their registration.

STAAR "Out of District Tests: End‑of‑Course Exams Registration

Students Outside of Texas

  • Students residing outside of Texas will need to contact the TTU K-12 District Testing Coordinator to discuss the process for out‑of‑state testing.
  • Students will need to locate proctor for approval, and submit the required paperwork and fees to TTU K-12 at least 8 weeks prior to the test dates.

Photo ID Required

  • Students must present a photo ID at the testing location.
    • Acceptable ID includes a state‑issued driver's license, Department of Public Safety ID, or TTU K-12 student ID.
  • Full-time TTU K-12 students can request a student ID using the Student ID Request/Identity Verification form.

Additional STAAR Resources

  • CDC County‑District‑Campus Code Numbers for TTU K-12:
    • Texas Tech Elementary School:  152‑504‑101
    • Texas Tech Middle School:  152‑504‑041
    • Texas Tech High School:  152‑504‑001

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