Bachelor of General Studies / Bachelor of Arts/Sciences in University Studies

Declare/Update Areas of Concentration

Last Name: First Name:

I would like to declare the following Areas of Concentration. B.G.S Students only: I understand that at least two of the three areas must be from disciplines related to the College of Arts & Sciences.




  • Additional courses may be added to the concentration areas to fulfill writing intensive and/or junior/senior hours.
  • Nine hours of each concentration area must be Jr/Sr level.
  • If I should need degree plan substitutions, these requests must be made to the University College.
  • I understand that I must file an Intent to Graduate when I have earned 90 hours, or if I am within one calendar year of my intended graduation date.
  • My official degree plan shall be written by an advisor and will be audited by the graduating senior advisor in University College.

By clicking submit, I am agreeing to the policies outlined above.

I will receive confirmation from an advisor that my Areas of Concentration have been approved.

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