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Student Agreement


TAKS/TAAS: I should take the TAKS/TAAS test in the appropriate grade level and I must pass the exit level TAKS/TAAS for graduation. I understand that I must arrange for TAKS/TAAS testing (call TTUISD). STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: TTUISD's curriculum is developed to meet the standards of the State of Texas and the Texas Education Agency. Written by Texas certified teachers for average and above average students, this material is very reading and writing intensive and the course content cannot be modified. Please note that distance education presents different challenges from traditional classroom based instruction. TTUISD staff can provide you with information about available accommodations before you are officially admitted to TTUISD or enroll in a course if you provide us with documentation about the nature of your disability and the kind of accommodation that your disability requires when you contact us. This documentation should accompany this admission form. Reasonable accommodations are those that do not cause undue burden and do not fundamentally alter course requirements. We require the submission of a current (within the last three years) signed accommodation/modification statement from your Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee report or a 504 Accommodation Form from the public school district in which you reside, describing any special considerations necessary for you to take a course and/or exam. FULL-TIME STUDENT STATUS: In order for TTUISD to verify that you are enrolled as a full-time student for meeting compulsory attendance laws, for receiving Social Security benefits, for driver's education and license renewal, you must be enrolled in four one-semester courses at all times in grades 6-12 or one semester of the elementary curriculum for grades K-5 which is four one semester courses. In addition to being enrolled in the necessary courses, you must successfully complete eight to ten lessons per month in grades 6-12 and be making satisfactory progress in grades K-5. NCAA: If you are applying for or receiving a collegiate athletic scholarship, it is your responsibility to contact the NCAA regarding the core curriculum requirements. RELEASE OF GRADE INFORMATION: TTUISD policy and applicable law governing the release of student education records permits TTUISD to release grades for students under 18 years of age to the students' parents or legal guardians without requiring student permission. However, a student 18 years of age or older must grant permission for TTUISD to release grades to parents or legal guardians. In addition, TTUISD policy and applicable law permits TTUISD, without prior consent and regardless of age, to release a student's grades to a requesting school if the student is enrolled in or transferring to the requesting school. TRANSCRIPTS: I also agree that, in order for TTUISD to send a transcript, I must complete at least four semester courses (not CBEs). LESSON SUBMISSION: I acknowledge that, if I submit lessons assignments via e-mail, I agree to receive the resulting grade via e-mail. GRADUATION: I understand that I must complete the last 2.5 credits full course, excluding CBEs, while enrolled in TTUISD in order to receive a Texas Tech University High School diploma. I certify that this information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to abide by Texas Tech University's policies, rules and regulations. I authorize TTUISD to verify the information I have provided. If applicable, I also authorize the University to electronically access my Texas Success Initiative (TSI) information.

I have read, understand and agree to the above TTUISD policies.
I am 17 or younger. TTUISD is authorized to release my progress/discuss my grades with the following parents/legal guardians:
I am 18 or older, and I authorize TTUISD to release my grade(s) to my parents and/or legal guardians.
I understand that I need to fax or mail a copy of my transcripts. An official transcript can be faxed or mailed to us from your school at a later time.
If applicable, I understand that I will need to provide documentation about my disabilities as indicated in the student agreement.
I understand this is a pre-admission form and that a representative from TTUISD will contact me for additional information including payment of a $120 non-refundable evaluation fee.
I understand that if I am under 18, my parents and/or legal guardians must be present when I enroll online.
I understand the completion of this application does not guarantee admission to TTUISD.

By clicking submit, you are electronically authorizing this Pre-Admission Form to be submitted.

Questions? Contact TTUISD.

Request a Student ID: Full-time, diploma-seeking students may request a TTUISD Student ID Card by completing and submitting the TTUISD Student ID Authorization Form. The cost of this ID card is included in the cost of your Admissions Fee. Download the Student ID Card form. After completing the Student ID Card form, please mail it to the address listed below.

Please mail or fax a copy of your transcripts and any student disabilities documentation information as soon as possible.

Mailing Address:
Attention: TTUISD
Drane Hall
Texas Tech University
Box 42191
Lubbock, TX 79415

Physical Address:
Attention: TTUISD
Drane Hall
Texas Tech University
2515 15th St
Box 42191
Lubbock, TX 79415

Fax: 806.742.7288

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