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TTUISD offers several accredited educational solutions for schools, districts, and regional service centers.

Testing Solutions (Bulk CBEs)

Credit by Exams (CBEs) are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Texas schools, districts, regional service centers, and other state agencies can order exams and either pay by purchase order, school credit card, or school check.
Print our Testing Services Order Form. View our tuition and fees.

Bulk Pricing is only available to schools and districts (Not available for online CBEs). School districts ordering in quantity will receive the new bulk discount rate.

CBEs are now $19 each with no shipping charge for standard shipping. Expedited overnight delivery will be available for an extra fee.

Drop-Out Prevention

Our full-time elementary, middle, and high school diploma program is a turnkey solution schools and districts can recommend to at-risk students. Students who transfer into TTUISD do not count as dropouts for the respective school or district. Learn more.

Credit Recovery

Students who have failed a class can enroll in one of the more than 220 self-paced courses to recover the credit. We also offer over 150 credit by exams (CBEs) to enable students to test out of a subject. Search our catalog.

Supplemental Curriculum

Your students can take our courses and CBEs to graduate early, on time, or to earn credit for a course not offered at your school. Learn more.

Need to print off information about our courses and CBEs for your students? Print our Student Information Form.

TTUISD Spotlight

Educator’s Reach Goes Beyond the Classroom
Educator’s Reach Goes Beyond the Classroom

Carol Anders is more than a teacher.

Carol is an educator whose passion for sharing knowledge with students has fueled and shaped her personal and professional life.

When she was asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer was simple.

“I never changed,” Carol said. “I always wanted to be a teacher.”

The Lubbock native stuck true to more…

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