Purple and Yellow Squares
A Race to the Finish
Jonah Tannos

n average week for tenth grader Jonah Tannos includes 18 to 20 hours on his bike. Texas Tech University Independent School District student Tannos is a competitive cyclist and a member of the Southern Elite Junior Development Team.

Tannos was introduced to cycling when he was only 12-years-old and began training by taking spin classes at his gym.

"I eventually got a bike and being as competitive as I am, I started racing as soon as I could," said Tannos.

Tannos has been riding for about a year and a half and has raced one full season.

After racing in his first full season, Tannos won the Under 19 State Cup, The Texas East Regional Cup, and The Texas Central Regional Cup Championships. In the same season, his team was named Junior Team of the Year.

Tannos said what he loves the most about cycling is the people he has the opportunity to meet.

"You never know who you're going to meet at a race, especially in the Texas circuit," said Tannos. "We have some of the best junior talents and some of the most experienced professionals."

During the months of February to October, Tannos travels every weekend to races.

"My schedule this year has me traveling to several different states as well as two tours in Europe," said Tannos. "I knew there was no way to keep up with my studies with that much racing."

After researching educational opportunities, Tannos and his father found TTUISD online.

"We talked with my school counselors and a couple of graduates of the TTUISD program and received great reviews," said Tannos. "It seemed like the clear choice."

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