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Important Testing Information

TAKS – Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills:

All students must pass all four sections (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) of the Exit Level TAKS test to meet state requirements for graduation. The TAKS test is given four times each year - October, March, April, & July. You should take the TAKS test after completing English 11A, Algebra 1, Geometry, World Geography and/or World History, U.S. History, Biology, and IPC (or Chemistry and Physics).  Any section(s) not passed must be re-taken until a passing score is achieved.

2011 TAKS Testing Calendar:
English Language Arts:
Mar. 1
Apr. 26
July 11
Oct. 18
Mar. 2
Apr. 27
July 12
Oct. 19
Mar. 3
Apr. 28
July 13
Oct. 20
Social Studies:
Mar. 4
Apr. 29
July 14
Oct. 21

Students in Texas:
If you plan to take the exit level TAKS in 2010, you will need to contact the TAKS Coordinator at TTUISD for registration information, at 1-800-692-6877 ext. 261 about two months prior to the date you wish to test. The TAKS will be given at a local public high school, or designated testing location.

Out-of-State/Country Students:
Contact the TTUISD TAKS coordinator for instructions on bonding a proctor to administer the TAKS tests. There are forms and fees that must be completed and paid at least one month prior to the testing dates. You will be required to show a state-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license at your testing location.

View/download TAKS study guides at:

Practice previously released TAKS tests at:

Students with at least 12-14 credits should prepare to take the SAT or ACT. You can register online for the SAT at www.collegeboard.com and for the ACT at www.act.org. Complete the form, using the Texas Tech University High School code (444-357) so that we will receive your official score report.

If you have any questions, please contact the TAKS Coordinator at 1-800-692-6877 ext 261 or fax 806-742-7288.

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