From One Goal to Another


August 05, 2010

With the hot weather in Texas, ice sports are not commonly played. But for one student it was his playground.

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) student, Ian Young grew up on the ice. Originally from Canada, he began playing hockey at 3 years old. His passion for hockey followed him to Houston, Texas when he moved there with his family at age 10.

“Hockey has always been fun for me and allowed me to meet a lot of great friends,” he said. “It became the biggest part of my life.”

Ian began playing hockey because his father had played. However, he never guessed his childhood pastime would greatly impact his future.

“I’ve always played because of how fun it is,” he said, “but now I am playing for the added benefit of receiving a free college education and achieving my dream to play professionally.”

During the hockey season Ian practices two hours a day during the week to prepare for the two games he plays each weekend. His dedication to hockey has led him to play on a Tier II junior ice hockey team with the Wichita Wildcats.

Ian’s talents were soon recognized and half-way through the season the Chicago Steel, a Tier I junior ice hockey team, recruited him.

“I decided to accept the offer to play as defenseman at the Chicago Steel,” he said, “because they are in a better league and get a lot more scouting exposure. I thought it would be a good choice.”

Once he accepted the offer at the Chicago Steel, Ian picked up and moved across the country to be defensemen. As a defenseman, his main goal is to give the other team as few opportunities as possible.

“I am responsible for taking the puck away from the other team,” Ian said, “and moving it away from our team’s net.”

Ian learned about the TTUISD program through one of his fellow teammates. His passion for hockey was the reason he chose to attend TTUISD.

“TTUISD was excellent and gave me the opportunity to play hockey away from home and have a flexible school schedule,” he said. “It was also NCAA clearinghouse credited.”

Ian graduated from TTUISD this past May and will be attending Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to play Division I hockey.

“I chose Colorado College because their education and hockey program are great,” he said. “I have also lived in Colorado Springs before and thought it would be fun to spend a few more years there.”

Ian is happy he made the decision to attend TTUISD.

“Attending TTUISD allowed me to graduate on time with all my credits,” he said,” and be able to achieve my goal of receiving a college hockey scholarship.”

At TTUISD, Ian was able to achieve his goal to receive a quality education and hockey scholarship. His present goals are to obtain a degree from Colorado College and then play for a professional hockey team.

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