Students Excel in Texas Curriculum Overseas


July 23, 2014

While most students are sitting at a desk in a traditional classroom, Jennifer Williams’ children are out traveling the world.

France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and Spain are just a few of the places Jennifer’s three children have visited.

Jentry, 16, Katie, 12, and Jacob, 5, enrolled in Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) in August 2011 after moving to the United Kingdom for their dad’s job.

Since then, the three have enjoyed TTUISD’s flexibility and creating their own schedules so they can spend more time traveling, going on field trips, and visiting museums.

Jentry, an 11th grade student, said she prefers TTUISD’s full-time program to a brick-and-mortar classroom because she has more freedom to work at his own pace, while still taking time for extracurricular activities and breaks.

Katie, a 7th grade student, feels TTUISD makes efficient use of her time.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “You’re never overwhelmed with homework that you have to turn in the next day. You can fit school around your schedule.”

For Jacob, a kindergarten student, the best parts about TTUISD are the science experiments, and learning with his mom by his side.

A former Texas resident, Jennifer wanted to keep her children on track with Texas curriculum. Although the initial thought of homeschool seemed daunting, TTUISD’s program, curriculum, and staff made the transition from a traditional school easy for Jennifer.

“It may seem overwhelming at first, but it is so worth it,” she said. “It takes time to find your zone with home education, but TTUISD makes it so much easier with its structure and great instructors and staff, who go out of their way for you.”

Being involved with her children’s education, Jennifer said, has made them a tighter-knit family, as they often spend time together on family outings, or in their virtual classroom.

“I have watched my children grow with this program,” she said. “They have so much more freedom being with TTUISD rather than being in a regular school setting.”

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