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May 05, 2009

Writing and recording music, promoting an album and performing as the lead vocalist in her band are all in a day’s work for this talented, young musician.

Ariel is a 12th grade student with TTUISD and a passionate performer from Austin. She has been singing professionally since she was 11 years old and performs at various music clubs in Austin which include the Broken Spoke, The Mohawk and Flipnotics.

"I started sitting in with Alvin Crow at the Broken Spoke at age 12," Ariel said, "and I was the lead singer in a kids’ rock band until I was 13."

Ariel’s talent and hard work paid off because at age 16 she signed a record deal with Darla Records.

Ariel performs at clubs in Austin with her band, The Full Grown Man Band, and even had a showcase during the South by Southwest 2009 Music Festival in Austin.

Ariel has just completed writing and recording her first album titled "Exclamation Love," and plans to start doing some regional mini-tours with her band this summer.

Ariel’s musical talents are not limited to her amazing voice, she also writes her own music. "I was always interested in writing lyrics," Ariel said. "I began playing guitar and writing songs when I was 14."

Aside from her music career, Ariel is interested in photography, and has also been involved with several acting projects. “I’ve done acting voices for cartoons and songs for cartoons,”

Ariel said. “When I was younger, I sang the theme song for Robert Rodriguez’s kids’ movie “Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” Ariel said she chose TTUISD because it provides her with the flexibility she needs in order to work with her producer and other musicians when they are available. TTUISD also offered her the classes she was interested in taking.

“My mom and I did some research and Texas Tech had the courses I needed and the reputation my mom was looking for,” Ariel said.

This talented TTUISD student said she has no plans of slowing down and hopes to keep expanding her singing career, releasing albums and touring with her band.

Best of luck to you, Ariel!

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