Streamlined Online Courses Set to Launch This Fall


May 28, 2009

LUBBOCK (TTU) High school students who enroll in courses through Texas Tech University’s College of Outreach & Distance Education (CODE) will soon be able to submit many portions of assignments online for immediate, automatic grading by the College’s latest course management system, Moodle.

Although traditional writing activities like essays and research papers will still require the five-day grading window by CODE’s Texas-certified instructors, CODE high school students will no longer have to wait for grades and/or feedback by mail.

Additionally, by late fall 2009, select Moodle courses will feature exciting new enhancements, including full-color interactive maps in courses like HIST 1A and 1B.

CODE Moodle courses currently scheduled for the fall 2009 release include ART 1A and 1B, BCIS 1A and 1B, BIMM 1A and 1B, CMAP, ENG 9A and 9B, ENG 10A and 10B, ENG 12A and 12B, ENVS 1A and 1B, GOVT, and HLED.

Whether or not a CODE course is online, all K-12 courses are designed for on-the-go students who seek flexible solutions because of extracurricular activities or work schedules. CODE K-12 students can begin coursework at any time and have six full months to complete a course.

Our program is a great alternative because it allows students to customize studies to suit their schedules, said Debra Nash, CODE’s Director of Curriculum & Publications.

For more information on courses and programs, visit or call 806.742.7200.

Michele Moskos, Marketing Director
College of Outreach & Distance Education
Texas Tech University
.806.742.7202, ext. 276

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