TTUISD Reaches Record Enrollment Numbers for Full-time Students


June 24, 2009

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) proudly announces record enrollment statistics of current full-time students.

TTUISD is an accredited elementary, middle and high school diploma program that operates at a distance, which gives students the ability to partake in extracurricular activities, work or both. This program was established by the State Board of Education in 1993 to function as a unit within the College of Outreach and Distance Education (CODE) at Texas Tech University.

TTUISD’s current enrollment reached a record high of 1,796 students, which has grown almost 29% from the previous school year. This total consists of 1,447 high school students, 230 middle school students and 119 elementary school students.

The increase can be attributed to the Special Projects Program. Of the 1,796 students enrolled, 657 students are a part of this program. The Special Projects Program aligns itself with TTUISD affiliated schools, which are schools with students who will graduate from TTUISD. The program has schools in the state as well as in Brazil.

“The Special Projects Program is great because it allows students to receive face-to-face contact with instructors while still receiving a TTUISD education,” said Gib Weaver, TTUISD Superintendent/Counselor. “Students at our Brazil schools will receive two diplomas – one from their school in Brazil and one from TTUISD.”

Enrollment at the Brazil center accounts for almost 80% of all Special Project students. After its addition of four new schools this year, the Brazil program now consists of five different learning facilities: Da Vinci, Dante, Edna, Magno and Pentagono. Da Vinci recently added 67 new students to its program, making it the largest enrollment of the five schools.

Students also turn to CODE because of the flexibility that it provides them.

“Our program is a great alternative because it allows students to customize studies to suit their schedules,” said Debra Nash, CODE’s Director of Curriculum & Publications.

TTUISD is also excited to announce that it has graduated 28 students to date for the 2009/2010 school year.

For more information about TTUISD, visit or call 806.742.7200.

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