Bachelor of General Studies students seek jobs in medical field


January 22, 2010

The general studies degree helped two students not only prepare for the medical field, but take classes of their interest at the same time.

Katy Wright, a graduate from Colleyville, Texas, dreamed of a career as a physical assistant, and the general studies degree provided her the education to do just that.

“I believe my major in general studies with concentrations in biology, chemistry and Spanish has given me a great foundation to succeed in graduate school,” she said.

Katy chose to major in general studies because it incorporated the prerequisites required for graduate school. In addition to preparation for graduate school, the major allowed Katy to have some classes she found exciting.

“General studies incorporated my prerequisites,” she said, “but also it was a great way to pursue several areas of personal interest.”

Katy used the major to provide the education needed for graduate school, and in May 2010 she will attend physical assistant school.

“I am really excited about beginning physical assistant school, which is something I have been working towards for a long time,” she said. “I can not wait to start.”

Kara Poage, a general studies student from Dallas, also found the general studies degree to fit her personality better than any other majors at Tech. Originally she entered Tech as a sociology major, but felt general studies would provide her a better understanding in more areas of interest. Her areas of concentration are social work, American Sign Language and English.

“General studies fit my personality the best,” she said, “I got to really understand more areas than just another degree would provide.”

Kara wished she had started school in the general studies program. After she switched her major, Kara realized she would graduate later than expected. However, she believes a degree in general studies was the best move for her.

“I believe it is important to pick classes you enjoy,” she said, “because that will help you obtain your dream career.”

Kara currently works on campus at the University Medical Center as a Health Unit Coordinator. She plans to continue work in the health care field after she graduates. Kara enjoys patient interaction and eventually would like to attend to patient’s needs with a job in patient relations.

Both Katy and Kara use the general studies major to prepare for careers in the medical field. Although they pursue different interests, the general studies major provided the ability to individualize the program to fit their needs.

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