No longer a wannabe


January 25, 2010

From a want-to-be, to actress, Sarah Gabrielle LeMaire stays busy for a 13 year-old. She already has a career, even though she only started to pursue it less than seven years ago.

“I used to tell my mom everyday that I wanted to be on TV, so when I was six, I started taking some acting classes,” LeMaire said. “When I turned seven, I asked for voice lessons because I saw some older kids doing it at my dance school. I loved it.”

With the help of Christine LeMaire, her mom, within a year she was on her way to pursuing her dreams of being on TV.

“My mom decided to start a singing and dance group called Savvy when I was seven,” she said. “She auditioned over 400 kids to find the right ones to be in the group with me. We are now making a television show here in Michigan, named ‘The Wannabes starring Savvy’.”

The Wannabes follows five teens through an arts academy boarding school in their pursuit of wanting to become pop stars. However, the academy only teaches a traditional arts curriculum. After a singing battle in the student lounge, the five teens are given one week punishment working in a local café.
LeMaire’s character, Sarah, is the daughter of the café owner and convinces him to let her and the others perform at the café every week.

By working as a singer, dancer and now actress, LeMaire has not had the chance to attend a traditional junior high with her friends.

“People always ask if I miss going to regular school and being with my friends,” she said. “I do, but I could never stop what I’m doing. This is my life and I love it.”

Although she does not get to experience attending a traditional middle school, in her free time, LeMaire goes shopping with friends, plays with her two kittens and goes to the movies.

She continues to go after her dreams and reminds herself of them every day.

“I keep a vision board in my room and whenever I see inspirational pictures I cut it out and glue it on my board to keep reminding me to pursue my dreams,” she said.

LaMaire encourages those who want to pursue their dreams to experience lots of different activities.

“Find those that you can just ‘lose’ yourself in doing it because it gives you so much joy and then pursue those first,” she said. “When it stops being fun, then try something different, and it’s got to be YOUR dream, not your parents.”

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