Interactive Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Review

The "Interactive FE Examination Review" contains 14 study modules to help students prepare for the "NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Examination". The site is an alternative to FE Review books for engineers who have limited time and do not have organized FE review courses available to them. This course was originally taught in a university self-study course for senior engineering students preparing for the examination and since its implementation at the university, students taking this course have constantly exceeded the national average passing rate. Study is self-paced but suggested at a rate of 1 to 2 modules per week over a 2 to 3 month period. The individual modules contain materials, examples and exercises from both the general morning and afternoon discipline-specific engineering examinations. These modules are also a reasonable preparation for the civil engineering examination with the suggestion that you also study a CE specific study guide. The provided materials can also be used for the afternoon general examination with the exception of the Biology topic.

The only supplies required for this review are a calculator that meets NCEES specifications and the NCEES Reference Handbook (available at purchase or download).

A mock examination is also provided at the end of the course to help prepare for the actual exam.

Matl. Science
Math 1
Math 2

USEFUL LINKS: site for the FE Examination. Contains exam specifications, some sample problems, downloadable copy of the "Supplied Reference Manual", and other items of interest. Texas administrator of the FE Exam. You register to take the examination at this site.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.

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