Viticulture Certificate Program

This Certificate Program in Viticulture is the product of collaboration between the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences at Texas Tech University, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and the College of Outreach & Distance Education at Texas Tech University. The rigor and quality of the program is designed for individuals with an orientation toward commercial grape production and professional work in the viticulture industry. Course materials are approximately the equivalent of a junior-level academic course.

The certificate consists of six courses, held over a two-year period. Successful completion of all six courses is required to receive the Professional Certificate in Viticulture. The certificate program will operate on a cohort basis to enhance the learning experience and facilitate networking opportunities for participants. For this reason, the program is limited to 40 participants who are willing to make the commitment to move through all courses over the two-year period. Enrollment in individual courses is not available.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.

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