Wind Energy for Teachers

This two-part program has been designed for junior high and high school teachers interested in incorporating wind energy into their classroom curriculum. Participants will first complete the online independent study course "Wind Energy 101" and then participate in a one-day tour. Space is limited to 50 attendees. Please Note: In addition to your registration, you must submit the completed Scholarship Application Form to qualify for the $500 scholarship (see link from main webpage). The online course materials are the equivalent of 12 clock hours of instruction and should be completed prior to the tour. Two tour options are provided to enrollees:

October 11, 2010 - Tour to Abilene, Texas (bus leaves from Abilene, TX)

For more information visit Wind Energy for Teachers website

Program: PDPD 154-00
Instructor/Presenter: Staff
Units: 1.8 CEUs
Notes: DON'T FORGET to add the appropriate tour to your shopping cart
Please remember to submit your Scholarship Application Form along with registering online.
Registration Fees:
       Registration $0.00

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