Wind Energy: Advanced Managerial

PDWE 0002: This is a multidisciplinary course intended for students with a business, managerial or natural sciences background wishing to pursue a non-technical approach to wind energy. It will educate students about the basic aerodynamic, mechanical and electrical aspects of wind turbines and modern wind turbine architecture, including the following subject areas: non-technical version of wind energy conversion / aerodynamics, electrical systems / control / interconnection, loads and structures, economics and institutional factors (IEC codes, regulatory issues, environment and utility industry).
Program: PDWE 103-00
Instructor/Presenter: Dr. Andrew Swift is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Texas Wind Energy Institute at Texas Tech University. Dr. Swift has worked in wind energy research and education for over 30 years, and has over one hundred published articles and book chapters in the area of wind turbine engineering and renewable energy. In 1995, he received the American Wind Energy Association Academic Award for continuing contributions to wind energy technology as a teacher, researcher, and author.
Units: 2.2 CEUs

Required Course for Certificate program in Wind Energy

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Registration Fees:
       Registration - $695.00

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