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Partnerships with Community Colleges

CCTR serves as a resource and facilitator of partnerships with community colleges in Texas and neighboring states. CCTR advocates, coordinates and facilitates initiatives to improve and create partnerships with other institutions of higher education to orchestrate a seamless transfer to Texas Tech. CCTR provides guidance in starting various processes for transferring to Texas Tech including connecting students to resources to facilitate admission and application, financial aid, scholarships, orientation, and connecting with appropriate faculty and staff for the student's chosen degree and major at the university.

CCTR works with all Texas Tech colleges, schools, offices, and departments to facilitate partnership agreements between Texas Tech and our community college partners, both continuing and new. CCTR promotes collaborations between faculty at the university and other institutions. The agreements CCTR facilitates are designed to enrich students' educational quality and maximize students' investment by maximizing their transfer credits toward a Texas Tech degree through the formation of reverse transfer, articulation, and optimum transfer plan agreements.

Academic Advising and Student Support

CCTR provides support and advising to prospective transfer students while they are enrolled at the community college. Our services are also offered to prosepective high school students who need additional information on what dual enrollment courses (such as IB, CLEP, AP, and dual credit) will transfer to Texas Tech. As such, our services are made available to any student regardless of age or association, that want to complete a degree at Texas Tech. The academic advising services available to pre-transfer students include:

  • evaluation of transfer courses/credits,
  • strategic degree planning including application of transfer courses to degree checklist(s),
  • course sequence planning,
  • course recommendations,
  • understand the role of and make plans to participate in undergraduate research,
  • explore study abroad opportunities,
  • developing a graduation timeline strategy, and
  • creating a campus network.

Our services partner with services provided on the community college campus to assist potential transfer students to be better prepared to transition to a “best fit degree” at Texas Tech. By working together, TTU and our partnering institutions work together to assist pre-transfer students to:

  • explore and set educational goals,
  • work through the degree and major decision-making process,
  • research a good fit transfer institution,
  • be knowledgeable of Texas Tech admission and degree requirements, and
  • begin researching potential and optimal career opportunities.

Working together, both institutions are able to provide academic guidance permitting students to make informed educational decisions and to help them graduate with both their associate's degree and their baccalaureate degree in a timely manner. Allow us to assist you to Transfer-2-TTU.

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