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Task Force Committee Members Frequently Asked Questions


What is CCTR?

CCTR is the Office of Community College & Transfer Relations. We are the Texas Tech academic advisors for students who want to transfer to our institution. Whether you are still in high school deciding what college-level coursework to take, or a college student hoping to apply what you have taken to complete a degree, our office is dedicated to helping you have a smooth transition to Texas Tech!

What can CCTR do for you?

If you are currently attending another institution, you want to transfer to Texas Tech, you are looking to find out how your courses will transfer and how those courses will apply to a degree at Texas Tech, then you need to be working with the advisors at CCTR.

Let us answer your questions. Allow us to assist you to make informed decisions concerning the courses you are planning to take at the community college or other institution of higher education you are currently attending.

We show you what your degree plan will look like at Texas Tech. We tell you how your transfer credits will apply to that degree. We advise you on appropriate courses to take in upcoming semesters. This way you know which courses need to be taken in what sequence to best benefit your progress-toward-degree. In other words, we will reduce your uncertainty and frustration with the transfer process by educating you about the process, helping you determine your next steps, and providing answers to your questions.

Whether you know what degree you want to pursue at Texas Tech or if you are still searching for a good fit degree we can assist you in exploring the many opportunities we have to offer and how to achieve them

If undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, etc. are something you need or wish to consider we will alert you early so you can work these things into your overall educational plan while maintaining a graduation timeline that is reasonable and saves you money.

What about the advising services at your current institution?

No problem! You will continue to work with your current academic advisors. CCTR services work in conjunction with advising services at your current institution to promote your strategic educational planning and a timely graduation. You might even see our advisors on your campus at various times throughout the year.

Community College & Transfer Relations