Texas Tech University

Optimal Transfer Plans

Many students take coursework at an institution(s) prior to attending Texas Tech.  The students then transfer that coursework toward their degree at the university.   When students engage in this practice, course sequencing is vital to smoothing the transition to TTU. 

CCTR designed the following Optimal Transfer Plans (OTPs) to assist you in better understanding appropriate course selection and sequencing should you decide to attend another institution prior to transferring.  The Optimal Transfer Plans provide more than simple course selection and sequencing.  The plans include information about the department, undergraduate research opportunities, study abroad opportunities, graduate work options, and common careers.  Just a bit of information to get you started in your researching of a best fit major at Texas Tech.

All of the course information on the plans is designated in State of Texas Common Course Numbers.  For more information e-mail the CCTR advisors at:  cctr@ttu.edu or call them 806-742-0876.

Note:  The Official Texas Tech University Catalog is the source for the following information.  Available OTPs are downloadable PDF forms.  To access these OTPs, just click on the name of the major.

Community College & Transfer Relations