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TSIS 2016

Are you interested in joining our new student organization for interdisciplinary study?

The Tech Society for Interdisciplinary Study (TSIS) is a student organization at Texas Tech University. The Tech Society for Interdisciplinary Study will serve as the local chapter for Alpha Iota Sigma National Honor Society.

Our Purpose:

  • To recruit outstanding students to Texas Tech University and to the University Studies program from the local area and around the state of Texas.
  • To serve as student representatives for University Studies at functions sponsored by Texas Tech University.
  • To serve as good will ambassadors for University Studies on the TTU campus.
  • To promote and encourage ideas and philosophies of Interdisciplinary Study throughout the TTU community and abroad.

If you would like more information about TSIS or Alpha Iota Sigma National Honor Society, please contact the advisor, Dr. Gail Bentley

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