Texas Tech University

Human Resource Development(HRDV)

The Human Resource Development (HRDV) curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for interacting with people in various work settings. The courses in the program draw on theory from the social and behavioral sciences as well as organizational leadership. HRDV courses are designed to help students understand and address issues confronting both individuals and organizations. Coursework focuses on workplace topics such as human relations and communication, training and development, staffing skills and strategies, and leadership within the workplace.

Human Resource Development as a Concentration

Students interested in pursuing a degree in university studies with an area of concentration in human resource development must complete all of the degree requirements for the chosen degree. An area of concentration in human resource development includes a minimum of 18 hours from the remaining HRDV curriculum..

Human Resource Development as a Minor

Although students majoring in University Studies do not need a minor, students in other degree programs may seek a minor in human resource development by taking 18 hours in HRDV courses approved by a Human Resource Development advisor. The core (required) courses for a Human Resource Development minor are HRDV 2301, 3301, and 3303. The remaining 9 hours can be selected form HRDV 3305, 3307, 3308, 3309, or 3310. It is recommended that the 18 hours of coursework be taken in the order listed below:

  1. HRDV 2301: Introduction to Human Resource Development.
  2. HRDV 3301: Human Relations in Human Resource Development.
  3. HRDV 3303: Introduction to Research in Human Resource Development.
  4. Choose at least three classes from the HRDV curriculum.

HRDV Course Descriptions