Texas Tech University

What is Organizational Leadership?

The interdisciplinary concentration in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) formally guides and encourages the exploration of organizations and their influence in the global economy. The curriculum blends challenging course options with relevant interdisciplinary electives to facilitate an interest in and appreciation for the beneficial application of operational concepts through leadership.

How to Declare Organizational Leadership?

ORGL Concentration/Minor- The concentration and minor comprises 18 credit hours consisting of 6 hours from three curricular learning objectives. Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 TTU GPA to declare Organizational Leadership, and a grade of C or better in each class is needed to complete concentration requirements.Please see your academic advisor for more information.

Required Coursework

With an emphasis on academic and institutional engagement, utilization of resources, intellectual agility, and future application, students must select 6 credit hours from each of the three curricular learning objectives of the concentration: communication, leadership, and operational practice. Students cannot select more than 6 credit hours from any curricular learning objective. Courses required explicitly and without alternatives by the student's declared major/minor may not be used to fulfill elective coursework in the organizational leadership concentration.


Students may select from the following courses: AGSC 2300, AGSC 2301, AAEC 4320, ADV 3310, COMS 3315, COMS 3355, COMS 3358, COMS 3359, ESS 4356, ESS 4358, INTS 3300, INTS 3301, INTS 4350, MGT 3373, MKT 3350, PFP 3301, PHIL 3323, and RTL 2350.


Students may select from the following courses: AGSC 3301, AAEC 2305, AAEC 3301, AAEC 3304, AAEC 3305, AAEC 4306, AAEC 4313, COMS 3356, ECO 3320, MGT 3370, BA 3304, BA 3305, HRDV 3305, HRDV 3308, HRDV 3309, INTS 3330, INTS 3350, ISQS 3344, RHIM 2310, RHIM 3341, RHIM 3358, and RTL 3340.

Operational Practice.

Students may select from the following courses: AAEC 3302, AAEC 3315, AAEC 4303, AAEC 4315, AAEC 4316, ACCT 2300, ACCT 2301, BA 3301, BA 3302, BA 3303, BLAW 3391, COMS 3351, ECO 2301, ECO 2302, ECO 2305, ECO 3311, ECO 3323, ECO 3324, FIN 3320, HRDV 2301, HRDV 3301, HRDV 3303, HRDV 3307, HRDV 3310, INTS 4320, ISQS 2340, MATH 2345, MATH 2356, PR 3310, RHIM 3320, RHIM 3321, RHIM 3322, RHIM 3345, RHIM 4316, and RTL 3380.

Note: Students must satisfy individual course prerequisites that may not count towards the organizational leadership concentration. Courses listed in bold are those that have historically been offered online or at a regional site. Please see your academic advisor for more information.