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University ID Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to add to my on-campus dining plan?

On our website the minimum deposit is $20, in our office the minimum deposit is $40.

What are my options for depositing to my commuter plan?

The only options for depositing to a commuter plan are $249 or $349. Faculty/Staff commuter plans may be purchased for $99. You must deposit a full amount each time to continue receiving your discount.

Will my Dining Bucks/Raider Cash/Commuter money rollover?

Yes! Dining Bucks will rollover AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN ON CAMPUS. Communter plans and Raider Cash rollover for as long as you are enrolled or employed.

What is the "R" number on the front of my card?

The "R" number is your TechID Number.

Do I need to bring my "R" number when I get my new ID?

It would be helpful but not necessary. We can look up your number.

I am Faculty/Staff and do not know what my "R" number is.

To get your R number please see the following instructions. How to find your R number »

What do I need to bring to receive my ID card?

You will need to bring your official governement issued identification card. (Driver's license, State issued ID, Passport, or Military ID)

Can I submit my photo online?

Yes, you can submit a photo online. How to submit my photo online »

If I submit my photo online, will the ID be mailed to me?

No, identification is required in order to obtain an ID card. If you are attending a RRO or late registration, you will pick up the ID card at that time.

Will I be charged for the first ID card?

Your FIRST ID card is free of charge.

Is there a replacement fee for a lost, stolen or damaged card?

There is a $15 replacement fee. There will be no charge if you bring in a police report stating that the card was stolen.

Where do I pick up my ID card?

Student Union Room 103, University ID Office

Are retired TTU employees eligible to receive an ID card?

Yes. First, you must go tothe Human Resources Office and pick up a form certifying that you are a TTU retired employee. There is no charge for the first ID card

If I lose my ID card and have an old card, am I able to reactivate the old card?

No. Old cards will not be reactivated.

Can I get a refund on my RaiderCash account if I am no longer enrolled?

Refunds are issued when the balance is over $25. It is processed through Student Business Services.