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Are you a member of TTU's faculty, staff, or a retired employee looking for information that is just for you?

Faculty and Staff - Not sure where to get a replacement card or your first ID card? Please come see us at the ID office located in the Student Union Building Room 103 or feel free to give us a call at 742-1457.

Retired Employees - Interested in a retiree card? All you need to do is pick up a retiree ID Card Form from Human Resources and bring that form to the ID office and we can help you with your retiree card.

University ID Request Forms

CS Gold Access Request Form   Please fill out this form for access to CS Gold.

Texas Tech University Confidentiality Form   Confidentiality form for access to CS Gold.

RaiderCash Regulations

Please view our policies about your RaiderCash. Learn more here »

How to care for your ID card

Take care of your ID/RaiderCard. It is your link to many on-campus events.


  • Bend card or scratch card
  • Expose card to high temperatures, such as direct sunlight or dryers
  • Place on top of an embossed card in your wallet or purse; the magnetic stripe will be damaged.
  • Punch a hole in the card.
  • Use your card as an ice scraper or pry open doors with it

Set your Access Reader PIN

Needing to set up your Access Reader PIN? Make sure it is a number you will remember. It must be 4 digits. Set pin here »

How to use your ID Card

Want to know more about where and how to use your ID card? Learn more »

Report your card Lost or Stolen

Lost your card?

Your ID/RaiderCard must be protected. It is a card that serves as your key to all campus services

Where to Report a Card Lost

There are two ways to report your card lost. You may either:

  • Report your card lost to the University ID Office Staff. We are located in the Student Union Building Room 103.
  • Report it lost online. Report your Lost Card »

Replacement Fee

There is a $15.00 replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged card.

Replacement Procedures

ID/RaiderCards are replaced at:

University ID Office
Student Union Building, Room 103
Office Hours - 8 am to 5 pm
Monday through Friday

You must present picture identification and be enrolled in order to purchase a new ID card