Texas Tech University

Bridge Students Resources

Following is a list of resources that would be helpful for Upward Bound students. These resources have been categorized as follows:


ACCUPLACER: College placement exam to help determine which classes you need to register for during your first semester of college.

ACT: Register for the ACT exam, explores colleges, find scholarships

College Board: Register for the SAT, explore colleges, find scholarships.

College Matchmaker: Explore which college is best for you.

Texas Common Application: One application you can use to apply to several Texas colleges and universities.

What I can do With This Major?: Find out what careers you can pursue with your degree.

Financial Aid

FAFSA4Caster: Helps you determine how much money you will need for college.

FAFSA Pin Number: Apply for a PIN which will allow you to electronically sign your FAFSA.

FAFSA Website: Free Application for Federal Student Aid, apply for federal student aid to help pay for college.

Fastweb: Scholarship search engine.

Being a Red Raider

Texas Tech University Website for Current Students: The website will help you prepare for your first semester in college.

Focus 2 Live: Career Inventory & Self-Assessments.

TRIO Student Support Services

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