Upward Bound
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2014-15 TTU Upward Bound Programs Spring Calendar

Regular Academic Saturdays Schedule

8:00am-12:30pm TTU Human Sciences Building

8:00 - 8:40 Breakfast & Check-In Canyon
8:45 - 9:00 General Meeting Various
9:00 - 12:15 Classes & Tutoring Various
12:20 Stipends & Dismissal Various

We reserve the right to make changes to the calendar at any time. Dates & times are also subject to change due to inclement weather. The program staff will make every effort to notify you on any changes. Students can verify the scheduled dates & events with the UB main office at 806-742-3616 or upwardboundprograms@ttu.edu

Events Calendar

April 25th: Regular Academic Saturday
May 2nd: Regular Academic Saturday
16th: Summer Orientation
(9am - 11am)
Holden Hall