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Counselors & Teachers

High school counselors and teachers are valuable supporters of the Upward Bound program. Counselors and teachers not only provide student recommendations, but also assist UB staff with obtaining required reporting documentation, coordinate staff visits, contact individual students, and much more. Upward Bound truly appreciates the time and efforts made to the programs and its participants.

Teachers and Counselors can download information to help students join the program or once they become participants.

Material for Counselors & Teachers

Transportation Schedule - Discover

School Pickup Time Pickup/Drop-off Location Drop-off Time
Seminole High Schools students 6:45am Denver City HS (front circle drive) 2:30pm
Denver City High School students 6:45am Denver City HS (front circle drive) 2:30pm
Seagraves High School students 7:00am Seagraves HS (front) 2:00pm
Lamesa High Schools students 7:00am Lamesa HS Cafeteria (east side) 2:30pm
O'Donnell High School Students 7:30am O'Donnell HS (front) 2:00pm


Upward Bound