Texas Tech University

Discover Program

Participants in the Upward Bound Math/Science Discover Program have an interest in pursuing carriers in Mathematics, Science and/or Technology. The program serves 60 regional high school students attending school districts in Denver City, Seagraves, O'Donnell and Lamesa,TX. Upward Bound Discover provides unique opportunities to explore different career options. Participants have the opportunity to work on research projects, presentations, and exhibits.

During the academic year component, students participate in research seminars held 2 times a month. These sessions include hands on activity, speakers and research opportunities. All Discover students must complete a research project at the end of each component.

Research seminars include competitions, speakers, projects, and other activities on the area of focus for that semester.

Past Research Seminars

  • Robotics
  • Biomedical Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Architecture
  • Math/Science within the arts

Eligibility Criteria

The students interested in joining the Discover Programs must be attending one of the following schools to be considered as eligible to apply :

  • Denver City HS
  • Seagraves HS
  • Seminole HS
  • O'Donnell HS
  • Lamesa HS

Transportation Schedule - Discover

School Pickup Time Pickup/Drop-off Location Drop-off Time
Seminole High Schools students 6:45am Denver City HS (front circle drive) 2:30pm
Denver City High School students 6:45am Denver City HS (front circle drive) 2:30pm
Seagraves High School students 7:00am Seagraves HS (front) 2:00pm
Lamesa High Schools students 7:00am Lamesa HS Cafeteria (east side) 2:30pm
O'Donnell High School Students 7:30am O'Donnell HS (front) 2:00pm