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Tech on Track is a department within Upward Bound that is geared towards recruiting new Texas Tech students. Our goal is to help current Texas Tech students that have fallen off track get back on track, as well as help current Tech students in danger of falling off Track get back on course to academic success.  

How you fit

If you or a loved one falls into one of the following categories feel free contact us:

  • High School graduates and Community College students who want to attend Texas Tech University.
  • Anyone looking for a career change or career advancement.
  • Anyone from First Generation Transition, First Generation, Transition & Mentor Programs, Mentor Tech, Upward Bound and Student Support Services that have not re-enrolled.
  • Students that have aged out of Foster Care and have not yet enrolled into college.
  • Members of Red Cross/ Family Promise of Lubbock/ Salvation Army/ United Way/ Homeless Shelters/ South Plains Children’s Shelter.

Our Team

RaShawd Solomon (Tech on Track Coordinator)

RaShawdRaShawd has been deeply involved in many organizations on campus and has worked tirelessly for nine years. During his time in Lubbock, he has grown to be a leader within Lubbock's thriving community and has developed some rare intangible skills that only Texas Tech can equip one with. He has become a highly motivated, well-organized and responsible individual during this time in Lubbock. His plan is to continue to develop his leadership, strong communication and interaction skills here at the great Texas Tech University. Texas Tech has done wonders for his growth as a professional and man and he can't imagine giving back to any other University. Guns Up forever!

Stephen Singleton (Tech on Track Coordinator)

StephenStephen Singleton joined the UB staff in December 2016 after working as a student in the Texas Tech system for the past 3 years. He is a firm believer in the ideal that you do not reach success in life on your own. There are people in your life that helped guide you to the position that you are in now and it is your responsibility to be that same guiding light for the generations coming after you.

Gabriel Gonzales (Upward Bound Coordinator)

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Contact Us

For Comments/Questions please email techontrack@ttu.edu

Phone: (806)742-3616
Fax: (806)742-0983

Mailing Address: Box 45012, Lubbock, TX 79409-5012
Physical Address: Doak Hall 119 G
Mailstop : 45012


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