Texas Tech University

TTU Upward Bound Parent Council

The name of this organization shall be the TTU Upward Bound Parent council, hereinafter known as the Parent Council.

The purpose of the Parent Council shall be to support Upward Bound Programs and its mission as expressed in the program's mission statement by promoting effective communications, understand, and cooperative relationships among the parents, staff, faculty, alumni, and students of Upward Bound Programs and stimulating effective parental participation in support of the program.


The parent Council shall be composed of every parent, guardian, or custodian of a student currently enrolled in the Upward Bound Program.

Officers and Duties

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Parent Council and the Executive Committee of the Parent Council; serve as liaison between the Parent Council, and the Upward Bound administration; ensure appointment of chairpersons of committees; approve all contracts and other writings at the direction of the council; and notify the Parent Representatives and the Upward Bound staff of all Parent Council meetings and their agendas.
  2. The Vice President shall, at the discretion of the President, preside at meetings of the Parent Council and the Executive Committee of the Parent Council; serve at the discretion of the President as the Parent Council representative to meetings of, the UB administration; attend as necessary any meetings of the Parent Council committees and report to the President any information from these meetings; generally assist the President of the Parent Council.
  3. Educational Liaison shall obtain parent contact information for their respective schools and notify them of upcoming meetings/activities.
  4. The Secretary shall keep and provide the written minutes of all proceedings of Parent Council and Executive Committee meetings, handle such correspondence as delegated by the President, and assist the Vice President with communications as necessary. Written minutes will be provided to all parent council members and Upward Bound staff. Secretary shall prepare articles regarding Parent council activities for inclusion in publications.
  5. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a written Treasurer's report for the approval of the Council at every meeting; manage all funds of the Council; keep an account of receipts and disbursements and render and account thereof, and oversee all financial arrangements of the Council. A Treasurer-elect shall assist the Treasurer for one term and shall act as treasurer the following term.

Executive Board Members

      • President: Cindy DeAnda
      • Vice-President: Sylvia Garza
      • Treasurer: Gloria Nieves
      • Secretary: Gloria Olivares

Parent Council Membership Form