Texas Tech University

What Makes Us Unique

TTU Upward Bound Programs (UB) provides various opportunities to experience academic programs, cultural events, and other activities not usually available to first generation youth. Information, activities and instruction are designed to acquaint youth with a range of career options, on-campus residential programs, interaction with scientific researchers and faculty members who have careers requiring a post secondary degree.

Community Service

Upward Bound Participants have the chance to give back to their own community by attending regularly scheduled community service opportunities at local agencies. UB students have completed service hours at Catholic Charities, South Plains Food Bank, Bridge of Lubbock, and many more.

UB Participants have also adopted a 2-mile highway and regularly clean up the highway as part of Global Youth Service Day and the Keep Lubbock Beautiful Project.

Hands-On Projects

Career exploration would not be complete without research projects involving robotics, animal food & science, architecture, plant & soil science and actual application in the field. Upward Bound participants obtain first-hand knowledge from industry trained leaders and professors in STEM fields to familiarize themselves with technologically advanced careers.

College Tours

Students must decide where they want to go to college and spend at least the next 4-6 years of their lives. Upward Bound helps students with that decision by providing college tours of 6-12 local and regional universities that are historically favorites of former Upward Bound students. By the time students' graduate from high school, they should have toured enough colleges/universities to make an educated decision.

Cultural & Educational Activities

Upward Bound understands the importance of becoming a well-rounded person and how students can reap the benefits of obtaining a higher education. Because of this, UB students attend a variety of cultural and academic programs to learn skills applicable to everyday life. Participants regularly attend orchestras, musicals, concerts, sporting events, museums, artistic presentations, motivational speaking events during their time in the program and receive etiquette training.

Residential Living

Upward Bound participants experience first-hand what it's like to live in the residence hall. Students receive tutoring, mentoring, and advising services while living on campus and practice the day-to-day life of going to college.