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About Training

The Section of Utilities utilizes a semi-self-paced training program called the Personnel Qualification System (PQS), designed to develop an individual that possesses basic mechanical skills — along with meeting the minimum basic education requirements — and train them to become qualified Utility Plant Operators.

About the Personnel Qualification System

In 1987, the Section of Utilities implemented the mandatory Personnel Qualification System (PQS) to enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of day-to-day operations of the Central Heating and Cooling Plants (CHACPs). PQS provides minimum standards for employees to qualify as Utility Plant Operators.

The PQS program is a compilation of engineering fundamentals, plant operating systems, and casualty control procedures for which Plant Operators must demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding. Employee progress is easily measured by a point system assigned to each specific task.

To qualify to the next level, employees must pass a comprehensive written examination and an oral board comprised of employees and supervisors. A Task Assigned Group (TAG) made up of Plant Operators drafted the intensive PQS Operating Policy & Procedure Governing Qualification, Advancement, and Disciplinary Action.

OP 8:06 - Personnel Qualification System

What Makes Up PQS?

PQS is composed of four sections:

Levels of Qualification

The PQS program is divided into the following levels of qualification:

For additional information, please contact John Gallant at (806) 742-0369 or john.m.gallant@ttu.edu.