Texas Tech University

Application Process

All applicants must be Texas or New Mexico residents. Applicant evaluation forms must be received by TMDSAS by the closing date for applications. Applicants can check the TMDSAS website via the “Check Status” tab for receipt of documents.

Application deadlines must be followed. No exceptions will be made to these deadlines.

Application Documents

  1. Applicants must submit an application and applicant evaluation forms through the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) by December 21, 2020.

    Note: We encourage students who have not started an application to begin the TMDSAS application before October 30th. After this date, students will need to contact TMDSAS directly to begin and submit their application.
  2. An invitation to complete the TTU SVM secondary application will be sent to candidates via email once they complete their TMDSAS application and after meeting the TTU SVM admission requirements. It is expected that secondary applications will be mailed out beginning mid-October. Once the candidate is invited to begin their secondary application, they will have two weeks to complete/submit the application.
  3. Student will need to complete the CASPer situational judgement test before their application will be considered for interview consideration. The deadline to complete the test will be December 10th, 2020. On the last day to submit the CASPer test, students must begin their test by 4:00pm (5:00pm EST), and submit by 6:00pm (7:00pm EST).
  4. Official transcripts must be submitted via postal mail directly to: TMDSAS, P.O. Box 2175, Austin, TX 78768.

Deadline Dates

  • TMDSAS Application: December 21st, 2020, 5:00pm
  • CASPer Test: December 10th, 2020, 6:00pm (7:00pm EST)

Note: all deadline times are in Central Daylight Time (CDT) zone.

Application Fees

  1. TMDSAS fees – Submit your application $185 fee through TMDSAS. Please refer to TMDSAS website for due dates for payment of fees by credit card, cashier's check, money order, or electronic funds transfer.
  2. TTU SVM fees – Your secondary application fee of $75 will be submitted through the TTU SVM application website. This will only be for those who are invited to submit secondary applications.
  3. CASPer Test fees- submit your $37 fee ($25 test fee, $12 distribution fee) directly to CASPer through their website.

Selection Process for Interviews

The selection of students for admission interviews will be conducted by the TTU SVM Admissions Committee and will be a holistic process that balances each applicant's academic metrics, attributes, and life experience relative to the goal of our program of graduating students who will serve rural and regional communities of Texas. In selecting candidates to review for interviews, an applicant must have a minimum 2.9 overall GPA and a minimum 2.9 science GPA. Grades will not be factored after meeting these minimum standards when selecting students for interview or acceptance.

Once applicants are granted an interview, factors other than grades will be used for the selection of candidates, such as likelihood of service to rural and regional Texas, personal attributes, life experience, and meeting the mission and fostering the core values of the SVM.

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