Texas Tech University

Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee (ILSC)


This committee will serve as a faculty-led committee to improve the safety culture in research facilities such as laboratories, art studios and field research sites. It will focus on both human health protection and hazardous risk reduction in these facilities. It will establish policies and procedures in accordance with current practices included in the National Research Council’s (NRC) Prudent Practices for Handling Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratories, the Center for Chemical Process Safety’s Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, the American Chemical Society’s Safety in the Academic Chemistry Laboratory guide and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) case study on the January 7, 2010 laboratory accident in the Texas Tech University Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. It also will apply regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and recognized prudent practices for risk and hazard management, chemical use, transport, storage, and disposal.

The committee will more specifically:

The committee will advise the Vice President for Research on all matters pertaining to laboratory safety and will recommend when corrective actions may be needed.


The members of the committee will be appointed by the Vice President for Research. The laboratory safety manager will serve as executive secretary to the committee. While the initial appointments have staggered end dates, succeeding appointments will be for three years. Reappointments are permissible.

Operating Procedures:

The committee will meet every month in which there is business to conduct. As a minimum, the committee shall meet once a quarter. The committee will develop its own operating procedures in accordance with federal, state and local regulations, subject to the approval of the Vice President for Research, to whom the committee reports.

A quorum of at least half of the voting members is required to conduct official business.


Chairperson: The chairperson of the committee will be appointed by the Vice President for Research.

Responsibilities of the Committee Chairperson: presides over all meetings and appoints subcommittees as necessary or required.

Associate Chairperson: The associate chairperson of the committee will be appointed by the committee.

Responsibilities of the Committee Associate Chairperson: presides over all meetings in the absence of the chairperson and performs required committee chairperson duties in his/her absence.

Executive Secretary: The executive secretary of the committee is the Laboratory Safety Manager.

Responsibilities of the Committee Executive Secretary: prepares the agenda for each committee meeting in consultation with the chair and is responsible for preparing the official minutes of each meeting.


See below membership code.

Name College/Department Membership Code Term Ends Contact
Butler, Boyd Biological Sciences
2015 boyd.butler@ttu.edu
Casadonte, Dom Chemistry & Biochemistry 1 2016 dominick.casadonte@ttu.edu
Findlater, Michael Chemistry Biochemistry
2016 michael.findlater@ttu.edu
Glover, Rob School of Art
2015 r.glover@ttu.edu
Maul, Jonathan Environmental Toxicology (TIEHH)
2014 jonathan.maul@ttu.edu
Moore-Kucera, Jennifer Plant and Soil Sciences
2015 jennifer.moore-kucera@ttu.edu
Pappas, Dimitri (Chair) Chemistry & Biochemistry 1 2017 d.pappas@ttu.edu
Purkiss, LaQuetta Chemistry & Biochemistry
2014 laquetta.purkiss@ttu.edu
Quintela, Eric TCEQ/Community & Regulatory Member
Rahman, Shaikh Nutritional Sciences
2016 shaikh.rahman@ttu.edu
Ridley, Moira Geosciences
2016 moira.ridley@ttu.edu
Thompson, Leslie Animal & Food Sciences
2015 leslie.thompson@ttu.edu
Wang, Shiren Industrial Engineering
2015 shiren.wang@ttu.edu
Weeks, Brandon Chemical Engineering
1, 2
2014 brandon.weeks@ttu.edu
Martin, Jared Laboratory Safety Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Ex-officio Jared.Martin@ttu.edu
Young, Alice Associate Vice President for Research
Ex-officio alice.young@ttu.edu
Vacant Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Membership Code:

  1. A minimum of three (3) faculty members active or knowledgeable in the use of chemical reagents.
  2. A minimum of one (1) faculty member active or knowledgeable in the use of energetic materials.
  3. A minimum of two (2) faculty members who are non-users of chemical or energetic materials.
  4. A minimum of one staff member knowledgeable in the use of chemical and/or energetic materials.
  5. A member of the local regulatory community.
  6. The Associate Vice President for Research (Research Integrity), Ex-officio.
  7. Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Ex-officio.
  8. Laboratory Safety Manager, Ex-officio.