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Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

FY2012 CAHSS Award Recipients

Level 1 Winners

Amanda K. Booher, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Theorizing Relationships of Genders, Technologies, and Olympic Bodies

Michael Borshuk, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Ugly Beauty: Jazz Performance and Visual Culture

Cristina Bradatan, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) - Risk society: a study of immigration trends and outcomes during times of economic crisis

Carla Cash, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Music) – Effects of Rest Periods on the Skill Practice and Learning of Expert Pianists

Lora Deahl, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Music) - Preparing Editions of Music for Small-Handed Pianists

Carol Flueckiger, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Art) - Solar Powered Paper Dolls

Sean Grass, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Our Mutual Friend: A Publishing History

Brett Houk, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) - Chan Chich Archaeological Project Digital Data Collection System

Peter A. Martens, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Music) - Isaac Vossius manuscript consultation and translation preparation

Jill Patterson, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Making the Case for Life: Storytelling Strategies for Capital Defense

Brian C. R. Zugay, College of Architecture - Catalogue of American Stock-Plan Church Designs

Level 2 Winners

Christopher Bains, College of Arts & Sciences (Classical and Modern Languages and Literature) - Researching Manuscript “Literary Outliers: Narratives of Difference and Outrage in Nineteenth-Century France”

Timothy D. Crowley, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Integrating Previously Undiscovered Legal Documents; Moving a Book Manuscript Toward Publication

James T. Davis, College of Architecture - Explorations of Architectonic Subjects as Fine Art through Watercolor Painting

Janis Elliott, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Art) - Royal and Aristocratic Church Patronage in the Kingdom of Naples, 1266-1343

Idoia Elola, College of Arts & Sciences (Classical and Modern Languages and Literature) - Completing and editing a monograph manuscript on the integration of second language writing and social technologies into second language teaching

Kristi Gaines, College of Human Sciences (Department of Design) - Transition to Adulthood: An Integrative Approach to the Design of Independent Living Environments for Adults with Autism

Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Re-envisioning motherhood and art

Michele Navakas, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Applying for a Faculty Award Incentive Opportunity Founding Florida: Language and Geography at the Edge of America

Jorgeline Orfila, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Art) - Travel Associated with Conference Participation and Research

Carmen Pereira-Muro, College of Arts & Sciences (Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures) - Second edition of college textbook entitled Culturas de España: Una perspectiva histórica y temática [Cultures from Spain: A Historical and Thematic Approach]

John Poch, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Following Dante: Poems

Jennifer Snead, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Learning Letterpress: A Proposal to Further Research and Teaching in Material Texts

Cynthia Sorrensen, College of Arts & Sciences (Geography Program, Geosciences) - Ex-urban Growth, Social Vulnerability and the Environmental Justice of Fire Hazard in the American West

William Wenthe, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Poetry: A Book of Poems on James McNeill Whistler

Level 3 Winners

Rima Al Ajlouni, College of Architecture - Quasi-Crystalline Geometry: A New Class of Symmetry in Ancient Architecture

Kanika Batra, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Creating Counterpublics: Genders and Sexualities in Print

Curtis Bauer, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Translating New Spanish Voices: Finishing an Anthology of 20 Contemporary Spanish Poets

Bruce Clark, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - The Texas Tech University Symposium on Life, Earth, and Systems

Lara Crowley, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Developing a Digital Scholarly Edition of John Donne’s Prose

Francesca Di-Poppa, College of Arts & Sciences (Philosophy) - Shaftesbury: The Transformation of Modern Reason

Genevieve Durham DeCesaro, College of Visual and Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance), Elizabeth Sharp, College of Human Sciences (Human Development and Family Studies) - Toward Innovative and Transdisciplinary Methodologies: Re-Analyzing and Re-Presenting Social Science Data through Dance

John Gerlach, Toby Rider, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science) - Scarcity, Credible Commitments, and War: How Geography and Institutions Lead to Conflict and Cooperation over Water

Tun-Min(Catherine) Jai, College of Human Sciences (Nutrition, Hospitality, and Retailing) - Privacy and Ethical Issues of Behavioral Marketing Practices in Online Retail Industry: How Online Retailers Reduce Consumers' Information Privacy Concerns

David Lindsay, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Art) - Developing, Executing, and Exhibiting Collaborations with Institutions in Europe

Sylvia Niehuis, College of Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies -Transforming a Research Program on Marital Relationships to Encompass Psychological and Physical Health

Christian Pongratz, College of Architecture - Green Curtains in Stone

Juliann C. Scholl, Bolanle A. Olaniran, College of Arts & Sciences (Communication Studies) - Proposal to Write a Seminal Book on Crisis Communication Centers

Christopher Witmore, College of Arts & Sciences (Classical and Modern Languages and Literature) - A Chorography of the Eastern Morea, Greece

Bruce Wood, College of Visual & Performing Arts (School of Music) - String Project in Brazil

William Westney in Class

CAHSS Award Recipients

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