Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

FY2014 CAHSS Award Recipients

Level 1 Winners

Peter I. Barta, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - From Metaphor to Occidentalist Stereotype: The Building of 'Rome'

Zachary Brittsan, College of Arts & Sciences (History) – Marginal Nations: Community and Commerce in Nineteenth-Century Mexico

Perry Carter, College of Arts & Sciences (Geosciences) - West African Slave Castles as African-American Heritage Sites

Carmen Pereira-Muro, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Spanish 18th and 19th Century literature and the formation of local and "imperial" identities

Level 2 Winners

RimaAjlouni, College of Architecture - The Application of Quasi-crystalline Symmetries in Contemporary Architecture

AlanBarenberg, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - Empire of Cotton: Cotton as an Imperial Commodity in Late Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union

Laura Calkins, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - Humanitarian Aid and the United Nations in China at War, 1944-49

Linda Donahue, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Arts Administration and Research Opportunities for Faculty and Graduate Students

Ali Duffy, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Intersections of Alzheimer's and the Arts: PIHOS: A Moving Biography

Arthur Durband, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) – Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning of the skeletons from Roonka, South Australia

Kristi Gaines, College of Human Sciences (Design); Zahidul Islam, College of Human Sciences (Design) – Interactions between the Built Environment and Individuals with Autism using Augmented Reality Visualization

Sara Guengerich, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) – Daughters of the Inca Conquest: Indigenous Women and the Spanish Color

BrettHouk, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) – Chan Chick Upper Plaza 3-D Mapping Project

David Larmour, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL); Corby Kelly, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) – Mapping Identity in Imperial Rome

Miguel Levario, College of Arts & Sciences (History) – "Secure the Border!" The Impossible Task of Securing the U.S.-Mexico Border Since 1836

Stephen Meserve, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science) – The Political Economy of Internet Censorship Compliance

JillPatterson, College of Arts & Sciences (English); Joseph Dornich, College of Arts & Sciences (English) – What Remains: Ashes, Stone, Silence–A Collection of Video Essays on the Holocaust

Elizabeth Sharp, College of Human Sciences (Human Development and Family Studies); Genevieve Durham, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Spotlighting the Audience Transformational Practices in Performative Social Sciences

Carie Steele, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science) – Foreign Aid and Infectious Disease Control in Africa

Nicole Wesley, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – The 2013 (Juried) COCO Dance Festival: An Invited Choreographic Resider

Jessica Yuan, College of Human Sciences (Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing) – Service learning in hospitality and tourism: Toward a new practice and theory

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CAHSS Award Recipients

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