Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The CAHSS Internal competition is no longer active. The Scholarship Catalyst Program (SCP) will be replacing the CAHSS program beginning 2014. Please visit the SCP website for more information.

FY2014 CAHSS Award Recipients Announced

More than 20 winning proposals have been selected in the Texas Tech Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. This year, the university made available $150,000 for the competition. Two levels of awards were available: Level 1 – $3,000 or less, Level 2 – $10,000 or less.

The program is a means to support the scholarship and creative activity of faculty in disciplines with little external funding as compared to the sciences and engineering. Applications were examined by a peer review committee. The committee evaluated every submission using specific criteria for each of three award levels.

The FY2014 CAHSS Award recipients are:

Level 1 Winners

Peter I. Barta, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - From Metaphor to Occidentalist Stereotype: The Building of 'Rome'

Zachary Brittsan, College of Arts & Sciences (History) – Marginal Nations: Community and Commerce in Nineteenth-Century Mexico

Perry Carter, College of Arts & Sciences (Geosciences) - West African Slave Castles as African-American Heritage Sites

Carmen Pereira-Muro, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Spanish 18th and 19th Century literature and the formation of local and "imperial" identities

Level 2 Winners

RimaAjlouni, College of Architecture - The Application of Quasi-crystalline Symmetries in Contemporary Architecture

AlanBarenberg, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - Empire of Cotton: Cotton as an Imperial Commodity in Late Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union

Laura Calkins, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - Humanitarian Aid and the United Nations in China at War, 1944-49

Linda Donahue, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Arts Administration and Research Opportunities for Faculty and Graduate Students

Ali Duffy, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Intersections of Alzheimer's and the Arts: PIHOS: A Moving Biography

Arthur Durband, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) – Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning of the skeletons from Roonka, South Australia

Kristi Gaines, College of Human Sciences (Design); Zahidul Islam, College of Human Sciences (Design) – Interactions between the Built Environment and Individuals with Autism using Augmented Reality Visualization

Sara Guengerich, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) – Daughters of the Inca Conquest: Indigenous Women and the Spanish Color

BrettHouk, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) – Chan Chick Upper Plaza 3-D Mapping Project

David Larmour, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL); Corby Kelly, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) – Mapping Identity in Imperial Rome

Miguel Levario, College of Arts & Sciences (History) – "Secure the Border!" The Impossible Task of Securing the U.S.-Mexico Border Since 1836

Stephen Meserve, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science) – The Political Economy of Internet Censorship Compliance

JillPatterson, College of Arts & Sciences (English); Joseph Dornich, College of Arts & Sciences (English) – What Remains: Ashes, Stone, Silence–A Collection of Video Essays on the Holocaust

Elizabeth Sharp, College of Human Sciences (Human Development and Family Studies); Genevieve Durham, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – Spotlighting the Audience Transformational Practices in Performative Social Sciences

Carie Steele, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science) – Foreign Aid and Infectious Disease Control in Africa

Nicole Wesley, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre & Dance) – The 2013 (Juried) COCO Dance Festival: An Invited Choreographic Resider

Jessica Yuan, College of Human Sciences (Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing) – Service learning in hospitality and tourism: Toward a new practice and theory

William Westney in Class

CAHSS Award Recipients