Scholarship Catalyst Program (SCP)


FY2015 SCP Award Recipients Announced

More than 30 winning proposals have been selected in the newly created Texas Tech Scholarship Catalyst Program (SCP). The program is designed to support research and scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Offices of the President, Provost and Vice President for Research provided more than $100,000 for two levels of awards. Level 1 awards, of up to $3,000, support the scholarship and creative activity of faculty in disciplines with little external funding as compared to the sciences and engineering. Level 2 awards, of up to $5,000, are designed to increase external funding resubmission success for faculty.

All applications were examined by a peer review committee. The committee evaluated every submission using specific criteria for each of the award levels.

The SCP replaces the Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS), and the Proposal Stimulus Program (PSP).

Click here for a list of 2015 SCP Reviewers

The FY2015 SCP Award recipients are:

Level 1 Winners

Kanika Batra, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - Sourcing Archives and Conducting Interviews at Women's Media Watch, Kingston, Jamaica

Paul Bjerk, College of Arts & Sciences (History) – Decolonization, Language, and Nation-Building in Tanzania: An Educational Resource Website

Laura Calkins, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - United Nations Humanitarian Aid to China, 1946-49

Carla Cash, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Music) - Bend the Scenes: A Qualitative Investigation of the Practice Behaviors of Concert Pianists

Carole Edwards, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Heterotopia in Caribbean Literature

Stacy Elko, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Art) - Transmedia Interactive Environments

Jacki Fitzpatrick, College of Human Sciences (HDFS) - Content Analysis of Identity/Relational Themes in Children's Books about Adoption

Kristi Gaines, College of Human Sciences (Design) - Interactions between the Build Environment and Individuals with Autism using Augmented Reality Visualization

Lisa Garner, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Music) - CD Recording Project: Shades of Light-Chamber works for Flute and Piano

Jiawei Gong, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Art) - Edge Blending and Image Warping Video

Charles Grair, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Summer Workshop at Árni Magnússon Institute of Icelandic Studies

Sybil Hart, College of Human Sciences (HDFS) - Improving Weight Gain in Premature Infants

Eileen Johnson, Texas Tech University Museum - Geoarchaeology Investigation of Clovis

Amy Koerber, College of Arts & Sciences (English) - The Hormonal Woman: A Critical Exploration of Expert and Public Rhetorics

Sung Kwon, College of Arts & Sciences (Political Sciences) - Regional Network Centrality and Local Government Sustainability Policy

Don Lavigne, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Toward a Deep Map of Archaic and Classical Cemeteries and Sanctuaries

Randy McBee, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - A Labor History of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company after World War Two

Jacalyn McComb, College of Arts & Sciences (Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences) - Circulatory irisin levels in response to acute and chronic resistance training in healthy adults

Sylvia Niehuis, College of Human Sciences (HDFS) - Newlywed Copules' Shared Reality-Language Style Matching in Spouses' Courtship Interviews

Calvin Nite, College of Arts & Sciences (Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences) - Champions for Social Change: Examining

Diego Pascual, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Bilingualism in the US: Examining Spanish Case Marking

Alan Reifman, College of Human Sciences (HDFS) - Developing MRI Studies of Romantic Relationships

Victoria Surliuga, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) - Peggy Guggenheim in Venice and the Redefinition of Artistic Patronage

Abigail Swingen, College of Arts & Sciences (History) - The Politics of Investment and Britain's Financial Revolution

Kevin Wass, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Music) - Bach Recording and Performing Edition Project

Aliza Wong, Honors College - The Making of the Itailan West: The Imaging of the American Frontier in Italy

Level 2 Winners

Charlotte Dunham, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work) - Exploring Academic Pathways and Investigating Careers

Brett A. Houk, College of Arts & Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work) - The Educational Effects of Race on Recent Immigrant Secondary Students

Dimitria Jackson, College of Education (Educational Psychology and Leadership) - Chan Chich Dynastic Architecture Project

Ali Nejat, College of Engineering (Construction Engineering) – Data Collection on Neighborhood Recovery after Disasters

Elizabeth Sharp, College of Human Sciences (HDFS) – A Recipe for Education Inquality? Disordered Eating and Romance Among College Women

Christopher Witmore, College of Arts & Sciences (CMLL) – Sværholt: Memories of a Northern Outpost on the Atlantic Wall