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The Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) helps move research discoveries from the university laboratory to the marketplace. ORC works with researchers and business partners to help translate Texas Tech innovations into commercial applications and successfully bring them to market.

Our services include:

  • Identifying commercially viable inventions
  • Providing technology assessments
  • Protecting intellectual property with patents and copyrights
  • Leveraging marketing and industry connections to translate research
  • Providing licensing and legal services

ORC begins the commercialization process when you disclose an invention. Once an invention is disclosed, the ORC meets with the inventor and completes a search for similar technologies, patents or licenses. ORC will then work with the inventor to do technology commercial assessment to determine patentability and marketability. If the assessment is positive, the ORC will initiate intellectual property protection for the technology and develop an appropriate commercialization strategy.

Depending on the type of technology and its stage of development, ORC will work with the inventor and local entrepreneurs to create a startup company, or may license the technology directly to an established company. Either scenario will result in a license agreement between the ORC and the new or established business partner. The license agreement will include terms and conditions for the use of the technology, commercial development milestones, and the amount of compensation to the university (and inventor) in fees, royalties and equity.

After a license agreement is in place, ORC monitors and supports the licensee to ensure compliance with contract terms and success in the marketplace.

The commercialization process at a glance:

innovation cycle

Office of Research Commercialization