Texas Tech University

Research Advisory Council (RAC)

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) is a formal standing council of Texas Tech University (TTU), and its principal mission is to provide advice and input to the Vice President for Research (VPR). The purpose of the RAC is to help and assist the VPR and the institution in meeting research, creative activity, and scholarship strategic priorities, particularly as they relate to the Strategic Plan for TTU and the Strategic Plan for Research. The RAC is a representative body with voting members appointed from each college or school and additional members appointed representing libraries and research centers.

RAC Charter

Name Title Department Phone Email
Adams, Gretchen Associate Professor Histry/Representative of Faculty Senate 834-7215 gretchen.adams@ttu.edu
Arsuffi, Tom Research Professor TTU Center at Junction (325) 446-2301 tom.arsuffi@ttu.edu
Casadonte, Dominick Dean of Graduate School Graduate School 742-1832 dominick.casadonte@ttu.edu
Cummins, Glenn Associate Professor College of Media & Communications 834-3117 glenn.cummins@ttu.edu
Duncan, Robert V. Vice President for Research Office of the Vice President for Research 742-3905 robert.duncan@ttu.edu
Ekwaro-Osire, Stephen Assoc. Dean Research Whitacre College of Engineering 742-3563 stephen.ekwaro-osire@ttu.edu
Haq, Saif Associate Academic Dean College of Architecture 742-3169 saif.haq@ttu.edu
Harris, Kathleen Senior Associate Vice President for Research Office of Research Services 834-5893 kathleen.harris@ttu.edu
Hoover, Sheila Associate Dean of Libraries Library 834-2523 sheila.hoover@ttu.edu
Hutson, Jim Associate VP Research TTU Health Sciences Center 742-2700 jim.hutson@ttu.edu
Knaff, David Horn Professor College of Arts & Sciences 742-0288 david.knaff@ttu.edu
Lock, Robin Associate Academic Dean College of Education 834-3976 robin.lock@ttu.edu
Misra, Sukant Associate Academic Dean College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 742-2808 sukant.misra@ttu.edu
O'Boyle, Michael Associate Academic Dean College of Human Sciences 742-3031 x 261 michael.oboyle@ttu.edu
Pasewark, Bill Interim Associate Dean of Research Rawls College of Business 742-2038 w.pasewark@ttu.edu
Post, Sally Sr. Director-Research/Academic Communication Office of VP for Research 834-4838 sally.post@ttu.edu
San Francisco, Michael Dean Honors College 834-1449 michael.sanfrancisco@ttu.edu
Smith, Philip Sr. Director High Performance Computing 834-4352 PHILIP.SMITH@ttu.edu
Steele, Brian Associate Academic Dean College of Visual and Performing Arts 834-3165 brian.steele@ttu.edu
Stewart, Rob Sr. Vice Provost Provost and SVP Academic Affairs 834-3917 rob.stewart@ttu.edu
Sutton, Vickie Horn Professor School of Law 834-1752 VICKIE.SUTTON@ttu.edu
Young, Alice Associate VP Research Office of the VP Research 834-3536 alice.young@ttu.edu
Zak, John Associate Academic Dean College of Arts and Sciences 742-2710 john.zak@ttu.edu