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Fall 2015

Building the Future of Research
  • Power Balance

    Texas Tech researchers solve tomorrow's power problems today


    Millions of miles of high voltage lines, distribution hubs and power stations make the North American power grid the most complex machine on Earth. It hums along most of the time without problems, providing the population with dependable energy to power not only our laptops and lightbulbs, but also our industry and economy.

    The problem is that it’s getting older. Technology developed during 19th century has trouble keeping pace with our ever-increasing appetite to power everything in our lives. As consumers ask more from it and demand quicker changes to meet changing needs, sometimes it can blow a fuse.


    Now, scientists and researchers at Texas Tech University are pairing up with the private sector to find new ways to use renewable energy sources and test them thoroughly under real conditions to power the needs of tomorrow.

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  • Scholar Profiles

    Nicholas Johnston

    Nicholas Johnston

    A Texas Tech doctoral student will research how Millenials react to more traditional or less traditional wine packaging.

    Kylie Boyd

    Kylie Boyd

    Kylie Boyd was the first minor in Texas to contract the disease in 2011.

    Bill Pasewark Sr. and Bill Pasewark Jr.

    Bill Pasewark Sr. and Bill Pasewark Jr.

    Both father and son have taught business at Texas Tech, but their relationship goes way beyond their profession.


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