A collage of the myriad contributing factors to the problem of obesity resulting in a profile view of a person's face.

Battling the Bulge

Texas Tech researchers fight multi-front war on global obesity epidemic.

Our scientific understanding of obesity has gone past the “couch potato” concept. In more than a quarter century of studying obesity, Texas Tech professor of nutritional sciences Naima Moustaid-Moussa says it’s not just a matter of laziness. It’s true that sedentary lifestyles, poor eating habits and lack of exercise play a role, but the longer she’s looked at the reasons for skyrocketing obesity, the more variables come into play.



A drill seargent bends down to a young soldier covered in sweat as, exhausted, he lays in the grass.

Electronic Evolution

Multi-disciplinary research team to reach military families with new anti-obesity website.

Three female researchers inspecting something in the lab.

Sharing the Health

Through collaboration, Texas Tech researchers attack obesity together with Obesity Research Cluster.