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Fall 2011

Amazing Adaptation - Chernobyl 25 years later
  • Texas Tech Joins Department of the Interior's South-Central Climate Science Center to Study Climate Change Impacts on Natural Resources

    Spring comes one to two weeks earlier in the year.

    According to the National Arbor Day Foundation, conditions in many locations in the continental U.S. have already shifted by one full USDA plant hardiness zone in the last 30 years.

    Birds, insects and diseases common in tropical areas are moving northward. Migration patterns continue to shift.

    The climate is changing, and our natural environment is the first to respond.

    The weather in 2011 exhibited more extremes, and some might say Mother Nature got a little nastier. But these changes have been developing for some time, say researchers. Only now, subtle changes have become more noticeable, and some of the reasons for increased heat and changing rainfall patterns can be traced back to human-induced climate change.

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  • Spotlight Video

    message in a bottle

    Message in a Bottle: an Australian couple finds a message cast by retired plant & soil science professor George Tereshkovich, 14 years later. Watch

  • Scholar Profiles

    Audra Morse

    Audra Morse

    Audra Morse examines the fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in municipal wastewater systems.

    Sam Bradley

    Sam Bradley

    Professor Sam Bradley blends his passions for media and human psychology through his research in cognitive behavior.

    Jerry Dwyer

    Jerry Dwyer

    Growing up, Jerry Dwyer was always unsure of his career path, but both mathematics and teaching proved to fit naturally.


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