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Fall 2013

In Short

  • Three National Academy Members Join Texas Tech Faculty

    Texas Tech has added three National Academy members to its faculty: Danny Reible, a renowned water quality and quantity researcher; Fazle Hussain, the President’s Distinguished Engineering Chair; and Chau-Chyun Chen, holder of the Jack Maddox Distinguished Engineering Chair in Sustainable Energy.

  • First Separately Accredited School of Accounting in Texas Established

    Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business joins only 40 other universities nationally to house a School of Accounting. The Area of Accounting officially changed to the School of Accounting on Aug. 15.

  • Human Sciences Adds Department

    The College of Human Sciences has created the Department of Community, Family and Addiction Services (CFAS).

    The move is a result of the significant growth of the CFAS undergraduate major during the past three years and the desire to expand the graduate program. The department will include the Texas Tech Family Therapy Clinic.

  • University Opens Free Market Institute

    Funded by a $4 million anonymous gift, Texas Tech has established the Free Market Institute which is designed to promote research and educate students, the Lubbock community and the nation on the benefits of free-market economics.

  • Texas Tech System Concludes Historic Capital Campaign

    The Texas Tech University System marked the official conclusion of its most ambitious fundraising effort, Vision and Tradition: The Campaign for Texas Tech, on Aug. 31.

    Surpassing its original goal of $1 billion well ahead of schedule, the campaign generated a total of $1.069 billion, making it the most successful capital campaign in the history of the TTU System.

  • More Health, More Wealth

    Texas Tech University researchers have found that individuals who can resist an unhealthy but delicious meal also are more likely to save for retirement.

    The study was completed by Michael Finke, professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning in the College of Human Sciences and co-authored by Associate Professor Sandra Huston.

  • Fossil Amber Shatters Theories of Glass as a Liquid

    Fact or fiction? Stained glass found in medieval cathedrals becomes thicker at the bottom because glass moves over time. For years researchers have had their doubts, but now a team at Texas Tech University has further evidence that the glass is not going anywhere.

  • Texas Tech System Makes $10 Billion Statewide Economic Impact

    The Texas Tech University System generated a combined economic impact of $9.98 billion for the state of Texas in 2012, according to a report of the system and its component institutions’ influence on business activity.

  • Texas Tech Researchers Look at Mystery of Metallic Glasses

    Researchers have discovered a way to predict and control the properties of metallic glasses, yielding a highly versatile material that looks like metal, is moldable like plastic, but stronger than steel.

  • Sports on Television: Is Simple Better?

    Watching the “big game” on TV has come a long way since the start of sports on television, and each year the industry strives to improve the viewing experience.

    Glenn Cummins, an assistant professor in the College of Media and Communication, looked at a method that showed a football game using a mosaic format, where multiple camera angles were shown simultaneously.

  • Ag Economics Team Unveils Analysis Tool for Cattle Producers

    A problem-solving computer program called the Stocker Cattle Analysis Tool has been developed in a partnership between Texas Tech University, Mississippi State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Risk Management Agency.

    The decision tool is designed to assist stocker cattle producers in evaluating a range of production, insurance and marketing decisions on their cattle.

  • New Version of the Fibertect More Viable at Cleaning Nerve Chemical Surrogate

    A new version of Fibertect, a nonwoven decontamination wipe created by researchers at Texas Tech University, has proven itself more viable at cleaning up a nerve chemical surrogate than the decontamination substance currently used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Study Finds Terrorism Attacks Drive Voters to the Polls

    A study by Greg Murray, Texas Tech assistant professor of political science has found that terrorist attacks motivate citizens to vote. The findings were published July 12 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Peace Research.

  • Researchers Find Cancer Risks Double When Two Carcinogens Present at ‘Safe’ Levels

    Scientists know that arsenic and estrogen can cause cancer. At certain very low levels, the chemicals offer little to no threats to human health.

    However, new research conducted by Texas Tech University scientists has found that low doses of both chemicals together—even at levels low enough to be considered “safe” for humans if they were on their own—can cause cancer in prostate cells.

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