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Spring 2011

Provost Bob Smith

Bob Smith is provost & senior vice president at Texas Tech University.

As provost, Smith works collaboratively with academic leadership to inspire high-quality academic development and performance in the areas of teaching, research and service.

The provost's office produces several communications and multimedia material including:

All Things Texas Tech Scholarly Journal
AcademiCast Podcast Series
Integrated Scholar Profiles

Find more information on the Provost's Website.

Guest Column: Provost Dr. Bob Smith

Welcome to Discoveries – the research magazine of Texas Tech University. Research is woven into all that we do at Texas Tech, and I am pleased that Discoveries is now a part of telling our research story.

When we say “research” we mean all that is done under the rubric of discovery, scholarly investigations and creative efforts involving faculty, students and staff from collegiate and intercollegiate alliances all across our campus on the South Plains of Texas. And, when we refer to “students,” we mean all students from undergraduate to post-baccalaureate professional and graduate students. Indeed, research and scholarly pursuits are common occurrences among all students at Texas Tech. We even sponsor summer camps where gifted and talented students from Texas and beyond come to learn about research and where they invest their creative talents in preliminary research studies.

Our dedication to research matches our mission as a Tier One research university and our commitment to life-long discovery and learning, which are at the heart of all we do, especially when it comes to our nationally and world-renowned faculty. Indeed, at Texas Tech, faculty members do not divorce their research from their teaching and outreach efforts. Rather, the three are blended through an “integrated scholar model” that we honor as an ideal.

Thus, if you join us as a student at Texas Tech, don’t be surprised to gain insights from state-of-the-art or leading-edge faculty researchers who are experts in the field. If you’re a citizen of West Texas, there will be opportunities to interact with faculty researchers through community outreach events.

Descriptions of the research efforts of Texas Tech community members will be available right here in Discoveries. So, sign up, if you have not already, and look forward to the insights and understanding that will be portrayed in this new research magazine from Texas Tech.


Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Provost & Senior Vice President
Texas Tech University

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Nov 24, 2015