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Fall 2011

Featured Articles

  • The Power of Collaborative Partnerships

    The Power of Collaborative Partnerships

    Vice President for Research Taylor Eighmy discusses the advancement of discovery through the notions of transdisciplinary scholarship, and multi-institutional and multi-partner collaborations.

  • It Takes a Community!

    It Takes a Community!

    Addiction Center inspires students to stay sober and succeed.

  • Saving the Frogs

    Saving the Frogs

    Texas Tech researchers are trying to understand the factors contributing to the increased mortality of frogs.

  • Much Ado About... Mulch

    Much Ado About... Mulch

    Pulling plastic: Texas Tech researchers dig into biodegradable mulch.

  • Gulf Oil Spill - One Year Later

    Striking a Chord

    String project provides affordable instruction to aspiring young musicians.

  • The Business of Marketing

    The Business of Marketing

    Assistant Professor Shannon Rinaldo links brain reactions to marketing tactics.

  • Wind Research at Texas Tech

    Wind Research at Texas Tech

    For more than four decades researchers at Texas Tech University have studied the wind, from analyzing damage caused by severe wind to meeting demands for new wind energy technology.

  • Little Listeners

    Little Listeners

    Study shows ground-nesting birds eavesdrop to find safe neighborhoods.

  • Eggs and Oil

    Eggs & Oil

    Toxicologists find weathered crude oil is less toxic to bird eggs.

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