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Spring 2014

Discovering the Origin of Life
  • Discovering the Origin of Life

    A Texas Tech University paleontologist suggests that meteorite impacts during Earth’s early history may have played a pivotal role in the origin of life on the planet.

    It has baffled humans for millennia: How did life begin on planet Earth? Now, research from a Texas Tech University paleontologist suggests it may have rained from the skies and started in the bowels of hell.

    Sankar Chatterjee, Horn Professor of Geosciences and curator of paleontology at the Museum of Texas Tech University, believes he has found the answer by connecting theories on chemical evolution with evidence related to our planet’s early geology.

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  • Spotlight Video

    SWiFT Facility time-lapse video

    Texas Tech biologist Kai Zhang is working on a cure for the devastating insect-borne disease leishmaniasis. Watch


  • Scholar Profiles

    Robert V. Duncan

    Robert V. Duncan

    Vice President for Research Robert V. Duncan discusses his vision for research at Texas Tech University as well as his personal research endeavors.

    Kristi Humphreys

    Kristi Humphreys

    Kristi Humphreys is researching how television reflects gender roles by analyzing how women and housework are portrayed in sitcoms.

    Seshadri Ramkumar

    Seshadri Ramkumar

    Groundbreaking textile research at Texas Tech is impacting a variety of areas from the medical industry and the military to environmental cleanup.


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