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AAALAC Site Visit Results in Positive Review

Texas Tech excelled during its three year site visit in July by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care-International (AAALAC).

The site visitors indicated the Texas Tech program is impressive and noted it was “up and coming.”

The site visit team had no mandatory or major finding and only seven suggestions for improvement that are correctable and will be addressed quickly.

The site team has several commendations for the program including:
  • Strong administrative support for the animal care program as evidenced by the financial support provided and the participation of university administration in the site visit
  • The well trained and highly motivated university veterinarian and animal care staff
  • The excellent and committed Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members and staff and the active participation and interest of the outside member
  • The well-maintained and managed animal facilities and the healthy and well cared for animals
  • The well-written and comprehensive program description
  • The recently established and effective post-approval monitoring program
  • The well-developed and comprehensive occupational safety program
  • Leadership in advancements of animal welfare in wildlife and field studies
AAALAC is a private nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals in science by evaluating and accrediting animal care and use programs. AAALAC conducts on-site peer reviews of member institutions such as Texas Tech, which has been fully accredited since 1998.

Texas Tech voluntarily undergoes comprehensive AAALAC reviews every three years for several reasons. First, Texas Tech is committed to ensuring that animals used in research, teaching or demonstration receive excellent care. In addition to institutional ethical commitments, providing excellent care to university animals results in high-quality research and teaching.

AAALAC accreditation demonstrates that Texas Tech not only meets the minimum standards set forth by law, but that it goes above and beyond the standard to achieve excellence in animal care.