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ORS Adds Cayuse SP Feature
The Office of Research Services is now using Cayuse SP along with Cayuse 424 for electronic proposal submissions.

Cayuse SP provides electronic approval for all external funding. Everyone with authority to approve grant proposals, typically the department chair and at least one associate or assistant chair, will receive an e-mail indicating that a proposal is ready to be approved. Only one person needs to approve the proposal.

There are two Cayuse sites available: one for training, the other for live submission of proposals.
Cayuse Training: Use this link for training and practice only. Please DO NOT use this link to submit real proposals.
  • Name: (your eRaider ID)
  • Password: re85search
Cayuse Live: Use this link for active proposals and awards. Please DO NOT use this link for testing or practice.
  • Use your eRaider credentials, both User ID and password.
Currently Cayuse is only supported on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is anticipated that Google Chrome will be added by the end of the year. Work is underway on support for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and other tablets and should be available next year.

Use Cayuse SP when:
  • Routing a proposal for external funding
  • Looking at your proposals or awards.
  • Looking for reports (although this function is still limited at this time. Reporting will still be available from the ORS database, inStORS, until Cayuse reporting is more robust).
  • Electronically “signing” or certifying your participation in a proposal.
  • Approving a subordinate’s participation on a project.
Use Cayuse 424 when:
  • Creating a proposal to any federal agency. (Route through Cayuse SP).
  • Submitting a change of Lead PI or PI, department or percent credit. (Route through Cayuse 424).
Important Notes

An individual’s access level determines what he/she is able to see. Deans can only view information for their college; department chairs can only view information for their departments; investigators can only view their own information.

Investigators should complete the General Information section of the IPF first and save it. This creates the proposal numbers. The other sections can be created in any order.

Investigators should begin routing when the budget has been finalized. Once the routing process is underway, a paired 424 proposal will lock and you will not be able to make any further changes to nay of the forms. You will, however, be able to continue working on the items to be uploaded, such as project narrative, biographical sketch or project abstract or summary.

Once each section has a green check mark, the routing can be submitted for routing to obtain certifications and approvals.

ORS will offer both webinar and face-to-face training on Cayuse. Dates will be announced soon. A cheat sheet also is available for researcher's use.