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Update on the New Core Curriculum

Texas Tech is well on its way to reshaping its core curriculum. Since May the university’s Core Curriculum Steering Committee has been reviewing course proposals in eight component areas that address new objectives established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The courses were presented to the steering committee by component area subcommittees, each of which focused on proposals in a single component area. The eight component areas are: communication; mathematics; life and physical sciences; language, philosophy, and culture; creative arts; American history; government/political science; and social and behavioral sciences.

The revision to the university’s core curriculum follows the October 2011 decision by the coordinating board to revise rules that apply to core curriculum courses at the state’s public universities and colleges. Among the changes, six objectives were laid out to help structure core curriculum courses and guide learning outcomes. The objectives include: critical thinking skills, communication skills, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, personal responsibility, and social responsibility. Depending on the component area, courses must address three to five specific objectives.

The Texas Tech Academic Council approved the full set of 146 courses in May. From there the new core will go to the university’s Provost Council in July for approval and, if approved, to the Board of Regents at its August 9 meeting. If all approvals are received, the Texas Tech core curriculum proposal will be submitted to the coordinating board before the end of August.

Coordinating board staff will review the approved courses through a database, which will be publicly accessible via the New Core Curriculum website. The database will store the syllabi of the 146 courses.

Courses that are approved by the coordinating board will become part of the new core curriculum and will be implemented beginning the fall of 2014.